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Testimonials from thousands of happy roommates

Thank you so much, this has been invaluable in finding a roommate on such short notice!
- Shari
Your service has helped me out more than once. We found a great roommate last time and this time when i had to move out, i knew exactly where i could go to find a place. Thanks!
- ToddS
My husband and I found our roommate and moved in on October 20th of this year. Thanks for your help.
- Chona
Thanks for the help roommate! It is the first time I have used such a service, and it took less time than posting adds in local stores or passing the message "word of mouth". Should I need assistance again, I will certainly use roommates.com. 2dream4
- David
This program was extremely helpful! Thank you for my perfect roommate!
- Lisa
I spent $100 advertising for a roommate in 9 different newspapers and did not have any luck. I used your site and found a roommate who is relocating to my area. It worked beautifully!! Thanks!
- Brenda
Your web site is really helpful. I will use it again if I need another roommate in the future.
- Michelle
Anyone thinking of trying this site should know how simple it is to register, find great people and don't have to worry about getting charged for an extended period of time. Try it for a month and you'll definitely benefit! I found multiple roommates and ended up referring people to other people I met off the site after I had agreed to room with a couple great people I met off the site. Thanks Roommmates.com!
- JD
Your service was amazing. I am very lucky to have found my new house and very awesome roommates within 2 weeks. The house is huge, its in a great area and the community is all brand new and belive it or not it matched what i wanted in a house in my goals from 6 months ago. How incredible is that?!! So again thank you so much for helping me find my new HOME! Sincerely,
- Erin
I found a roommate in like 3 days with the web-site. I applaud you, roommates.com actually works, and works well.
- DaveB
I have been to six different locator services in the past three days, and yours is the easiest to use by MILES! Thanks, Ken
- Anonymous
Extremely pleased with your services. With the specific profile details I was able to search and find the ideal roommate after viewing only four or five profiles. And he will be moving in a few days prior my move-in date. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thanks again, Mary A.
- WFkingstowne
This was great! I found what I was looking for very quickly and easily. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you so very much! I will definitely use Roommates.com in the future.
- Albert
It has worked out great! Great house, great roommates, great price, in a great city! Thank you!
- Scott
Your website was amazing. I could talk to people if I wanted, no hard feelings if I didn't. I found the exact kind of roommate I was hoping for. If for some reason it doesn't work out with the roommate that I have now, I know what website to use to look for another roommate next time. Thank you for all of your services!
- Cmdougla
Roommates.com worked out great, I got tons of responses and found a roommate in no time.
- Christopher
Wow! I didn't think I would really find a roommate, I was just curious to see what would happen. I guess it really was worth my twenty bucks! Thanks, you have put together a great website. It was really easy to navigate and use, keep up the good work!
- Jill
I would like to thank you. I found a roommate through this system, and I am pretty happy with her. The only suggestion I have is to keep it going. This is a great site. Thanks,
- Kasandra
Thank you for such a great service. I had also joined other services and yours was the best. I found a roommate in one day! You were also the cheapest one that I joined. Thanks!
- Kevin
I had been trying to move from South Dakota to Nashville for quite awhile. I found a great residence and roommate through your service. Thank you very much. (I'm a gospel singer and keyboardist.) This move was a long-term dream that finally happened.
- Mona
This worked great. I signed up at the referral of a friend and found a new roommate in 1 day! Thanks!
- Jake
I found a perfect match! I wanted a short term rental for a young woman in need of temporary housing and found her! This was great.
- Sally
Thank you so much. Finding a roommate was very fast and easy. It took only 1 week to find a roommate. I will email my friends and tell them about this wonderful service you offer. You pay just a little bit to get a hassle free service. It saved me hours and hours of searching ads and waiting for people to contact me back. Thank you once again.
- Trcpink
This is a sorta half and half. I found a roomate, and it was through roomates.com. So thankyou for this service, I am happy that I paid for my subscription. The funny thing is, I had a friend/acquaintance who had an ad looking to fill a room. I was looking for a room. When we get together we don't talk about things like that, so we had no idea of each others dilema. Thanks to this website, I found an ad that sounded like a friend of mine. It was near where he lived and sounded like his place. Lo-and-behold it was him. Thanks for all the help.
- Doug
Hi Roommates.com thank you very much! I have signed a one year lease, coincidentally with the first person with whom I spoke to through your website -- how amazing is that : ) Your site is extremely user-friendly and I have recommended You ( Roommates.com) to everyone I know that potentially might be looking for a roommate at some point in the near future. Thanks again: )
- Eric